Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20, 2010 - Slow but sure progress

N 89 38.48
E 104 07.48

The team had a challenging day of travel, encountering a lot of pressure ridges of old ice they had to negotiate over and around. There were deep snow drifts slowing down their progress. They made 7.5 miles in 9 hours of hard travel. On the positive side, they had a great weather day- mostly sunny, slight northeast wind, temperature around -25° C. They are drifting west but not at a rapid rate. Everyone was quite tired by the end of the day and glad to see camp!

Taylor and Elham both dipped their boots into the drink a little but fortunately not beyond the boot.

Andrea sends his love to Alexandra and her daughter Eva. Elham and Ian both send their love to their families.

Check back tomorrow for another update.

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