Friday, April 16, 2010

April 15, 2010 - Gear, gear, everywhere...

On any polar expedition there is a lot of gear, and even though some of our team's kit is already up north at the Barneo ice camp it stilll seemed like there was gear everywhere...skis, bindings, stoves, pots, pans, shovels...

We started off the day by reviewing a some important details such as communication procedures. Then we headed down to our storage facility where the team organized equipment, packed up food bags and loaded their sleds. A double check to make sure everything was accounted for and then the sleds were transported to the airport to be weighed and loaded onto the plane. The team is scheuled to fly to the ice tomorrow morning around 9 AM.

In the afternoon the team had some time to pick up last minute items in town before heading out to their official "Borneo Ice Camp briefing". Everyone seems to be prepared and all are excited for the upcoming challenges and adventures.

Check back in tomorrow for another update from the team!

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