Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17, 2010 - And they're off!

Location N 89.13.6, E 117.10.100

The team had an excellent first full day of skiing. The conditions were awesome- lots of flat plans of ice, minimal pressure ridges to cross, hardly any open leads to negotiate around or over. They skied under blue skies with lots of sunshine, temperature around -17 degrees Celcius, light breeze. Lots of great photo opportunities. They are experiencing a slight drift to the south but hope that will turn around in their favor.

The first full day on the trail always presents a steep learning curve. Learning how much and when to drink and eat, managing clothing systems so one does not get too cold but also not too warm, how to take care of oneself while being part of a team. They all did a wonderful job and feel justifiably proud of traveling 8.5 miles in 8 hours.

When they called in, they were preparing their quesadilla appetizers and looking forward to a hearty dinner of chili-mac.

Check back tomorrow for another audio update.

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