Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 2010 - Over halfway!

N 89 30.545
E 107 18.630

The team woke to overcast conditions this morning and started the day with the wind in their faces at 10 mph. About 5 hours into the day, the wind shifted to the east and the sun came out, a very pleasant change! Because the wind had been from the north, they ran into several long leads that took much of the day to travel around. They followed one lead 2.5 miles to the northwest before finding a place to cross. They also encountered a lot of deep, drifting snow. By the end of the day, they had crossed the halfway mark of their journey which is a huge accomplishment. They are now drifting slightly north which they hope will continue. The sun was out when they called in and they reported temperature around -15° C. It naturally feels warmer next to the open water due to the temperature difference between the water and the air. It’s always more humid near the open water leads.

So overall a good day with a little bit of everything. It was a lot of work and they traveled 9 hours today whereas their previous days had been 8. They made 8 nautical miles. They’re a bit tired but spirits are very high. They enjoyed their reindeer quesadailla appetizers with chai tea and are looking forward to beef stew for dinner. They’re hoping the high pressure system continues.

Check back tomorrow for another update.

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